Tuesday, August 27, 2019

New bike share rolling onto campus

In continuing efforts to provide safe, affordable and sustainable mobility options to the University of Washington community, Transportation Services has signed a permit model contract to partner with JUMP and bring their bike share program on campus. JUMP joins Lime as another dockless bike share program on the Seattle campus.

Also similar to the Lime bike share program, UW students, faculty and staff enjoy a 50 percent discount on all JUMP bike rides. By signing when using UW credentials, UW affiliated individuals enjoy discounted bike rides both on and off campus.

JUMP began operating in Seattle on Nov. 19, 2018 with an initial fleet of 300 e-bikes. The service area at the initial launch was limited to the downtown Seattle core, but expanded to the University District, in January 2019. Today, JUMP’s fleet is around 5,000 bikes.

Similar to the contract with Lime, people who use JUMP bikes on campus must follow UW campus-specific rules including parking the bike at or within 4 feet of a campus bike rack and not obscuring ADA ramps, entrances and parking spaces.

If a bike is found in violation of these rules, customers can contact JUMP to report the bike as parked incorrectly by calling 833-300-6106 or filling out a JUMP support request. Alternatively, customers can contact Transportation Services by emailing bshare@uw.edu to have the bike removed by JUMP.

For more information about the bike share program at UW, visit the Transportation Services website or contact us at ucommute@uw.edu.

To learn more about the UW JUMP discount, visit the campus plan online.