Tuesday, September 22, 2020

If you plan to split your group between vans, please email ucommute@uw.edu to let us know which parking lot you anticipate parking your van in.

UW Transportation Services is committed to helping those in the community who need to come to campus get here in a safe and affordable manner. We understand that for many of our employees, rideshare is the most effective method of transportation and have developed guidelines to help commuters stay healthy while providing essential services to the community.

Please note, these guidelines have been developed for commuters sharing the ride with someone outside of their household. Employees sharing the ride with members of their household may not need to take the same precautions.

Physical distancing for vanpools

In partnership with local transit agencies, Transportation Services is encouraging vanpools to temporarily split between multiple vehicles so each seven-person van has a maximum of three individuals in it at any time. Local transit agencies will be allowing groups to use multiple vans to ensure proper physical distancing can happen, so long as there are enough drivers to drive the vehicles. To reduce the financial and administrative burden associated with multiple vehicles being used, the U-PASS Vanpool Subsidy will temporarily cover all vanpool fare

If you are interested in temporarily splitting your group between multiple vehicles, please reach out to the transit agency your vanpool operates under. If you have additional questions about this opportunity, please email ucommute@uw.edu

Safe riding practices

To protect yourself against the spread of disease and illness, we highly recommend the following practices. 

  1. Complete the COVID-19 employee symptom attestation every day before entering the vehicle to commute to campus.
  2. Wear a mask and gloves at all times within the vehicle or in the presence of another person from outside your household.
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. 
  4. When in the vehicle, avoid close contact with fellow commuters. 
    1. For vanpools, we recommend a maximum of two passengers and one driver (three people total) in the vehicle at any time. 
    2. For carpools we recommend a maximum of one driver and one rider (two people total) in the vehicle at any time. 
  5. Ensure there is proper ventilation within the vehicle.
    1. Keep windows slightly cracked.
    2. If using heat or air conditioning, pull the air from outside the vehicle as opposed to cycling the air internally.

Print a Safe Practices flyer to post in your vanpool, carpool or workspace.

Vehicle Disinfection

To ensure your vehicle stays clean while ridesharing, we recommend taking additional steps to disinfect high-touch areas on a daily basis. In addition, we recommend individuals wear nitrile or latex gloves while disinfecting vehicles.

High touch areas may include:

  • Door handles - Interior and Exterior
  • Steering wheel - including buttons
  • Center console - outside only unless the inside was touched during the day
  • Gear selector - dial or handle
  • Radio/HVAC areas
  • Touchscreens
  • Start/Stop buttons
  • Driver door armrest
  • Window/seat/mirror controls
  • Rear view mirror
  • Seat buckle & anchor
  • Key fob
  • Any other high touch points that may exist in your vehicle

If you wear gloves to perform this process, we recommend taking extra care when removing gloves to avoid touching the contaminated exterior. If your hands are contaminated while removing the gloves, make sure to immediately wash your hands with hot water and soap for at least twenty seconds, or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.