Annual Renewal is an opportunity each spring for customers to renew their transportation products, such as a parking permit, vanpool, U-PASS or bike locker.  All annual transportation products expire on June 30 each year and must be renewed to maintain uninterrupted service. This year, permits will be renewed using the new Customer Portal

Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, June 30. If you miss the renewal deadline, your current product(s) or lot assignment may no longer be available and you may need to go on a waiting list.

Rates: There are no rate increases on parking permits or other annual renewal eligible products for the 2021-22 fiscal year. View the 2021-22 fees schedule. You may also view rates by pay period for those products eligible to be purchased using payroll deduction.

Fully subsidized U-PASS holders: If you have a fully subsidized U-PASS, it will renew automatically. You do not need to take any action unless you also need to renew a parking permit or bike product.

Renew now

Each product needs to be renewed individually. If there is a product that you do not want to continue, you do not need to renew that product. To make changes to any of your products, please contact the Transportation office at Please note that lot assignments are based on availability at the time of purchase.

Additional information

  • Step-by-step information about how to renew your products is available in the Customer Portal Guide.
  • All permits renewed by June 30 will automatically continue without interruption into the next fiscal year, with the first payment for them appearing on your July 25 paycheck. Unlike previous years, most people will not receive a physical hangtag in the mail.
  • All vehicle permits are linked to your license plate, so please check to make sure your license plate information is up to date in the Customer Portal. You may have up to five vehicles linked to your permit at a time.
  • Physical permits are still issued for the following products: Reserved Space, Service and Carpool Club. People with these permits will receive them in the mail after they have completed their permit renewal online.
  • If you have a missed payroll deduction or outstanding citation, you must contact the Transportation office to make payment before renewing.
  • To manage high volume during this busy time, the Customer Portal may place you in a virtual “lobby,” where you will wait until you can begin your renewal transaction. You can also decide to complete your renewal at a later time, but will lose your spot in line. 
  • If you need to renew or request new disability parking approval, please contact the Disability Services Office.
  • U-PASS renewals will take effect as of July 1, but you must tap your Husky Card on an ORCA reader within 60 days to finalize activation. If you are not able to do this, you will need to reactivate your U-PASS in the ORCA system at least 2 days prior to using your U-PASS on transit.