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Transportation Services


Vanpools and vanshares are programs run by local transit agencies with some or all of your fare covered by a U-PASS. You must live at least three miles away from the UW to participate. Parking for vanpools and vanshares is free on the UW Seattle campus. Beginning on Nov. 1, 2019, vanpools must register with Transportation Services to receive a free parking permit. Each vanpool will be assigned a particular lot in which to park.

Vanpool fares are calculated by the transit agency who owns the van and are based on the distance the van travels daily and the number of people in the vanpool. U-PASS members receive a subsidy of up to $80.00 off their monthly vanpool fare for full-time participants (three or more days per week) or up to $40.00 off for part-time participants (two days per week or less). For vanshares, the subsidy is up to $20 a month. Participants are responsible for paying any remaining amount to their vanpool’s bookkeeper.

Each vanpool is eligible to receive up to two complimentary U-PASSes, which are intended to be assigned to the vanpool members who take on the additional tasks that keep the vanpool operating. The complimentary (or “gratis”) U-PASS is usually assigned to the primary driver and either one backup driver or the bookkeeper. Please notify Transportation Services if this applies to you, or if your status has changed and you are no longer eligible for the complimentary U-PASS.