pay by phone sign near a parking pay machine in padelford parking lot

You can now pay for parking in certain UW lots with a few taps on your phone. To register, download the PayByPhone app and enter your license plate and payment information. You can also use an existing account (for example, if you’ve already been using PayByPhone to pay for Seattle street parking). Don’t want to download the app? No problem, just go to the PayByPhone website to pay.

When you’re ready to park, select your parking location and the amount of time you want to park. Not sure how long you want to stay? The app can notify you that your time is expiring and allow you to extend your parking without going back to your vehicle.

You do not need to display a receipt on your vehicle or use a parking machine in addition to using the app. You may park in any general parking space in the area you select on the app. You may also use the app to pay for disabled parking, but must display a valid disability parking placard from either the UW or the state.

All UW parking rates and policies remain the same, regardless of how you pay for parking. Refunds are not available. It is important to enter your license plate information accurately to avoid the risk of a citation.

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Where to park

For parking rates at individual lots, please see the information on the self-serve parking web page.

PayByPhone lots

UW lot/garage PayByPhone location #
C02, C03, C04 in the Central Plaza Garage 123211
C10 (after 4 p.m. only) -
C12 (after 4 p.m. only) -
E03 123176 / 123177 (Disability spaces)
E04 123178
E07 123179
E14 123213
E17 123181
E18 123182 / 123183 (Disability spaces)
E19 123184
E20 123185
E21 123186
E97 123187
N01 123189
N05 (after 4 p.m. only) -
N06 123192
N16 and N18 in the Padelford garage (after 4 p.m. only) -
N20 and N21 in the Padelford garage 123193 (N20) and 123194 (N21)
N22 disability parking only 123195
N25 123196
S01 top level only 123210
W10 123199
W12 123200
W27 123201
W28 (after 4 p.m. only) -
W41 123202
Universal Disability location number (use this code for disability parking, if not specifically noted above) 123207
Universal Motorcycle location number 123212

Note: Last updated on 03/15/23