Huskies travel in packs. Ride together and you can save money on gas and parking, plus speed your commute by using high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes, on-ramps and even ferry loading.

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Uber, Lyft & similar services

When using ride-hailing services, or similar ones such as a taxi or car service, always be safe and aware of your surroundings.  Use the following tips:

  • Avoid entering or leaving a vehicle in the middle of traffic or at busy intersections.
  • Ride safely by going to the nearest loading zone to meet your ride. 
  • Don’t block the right of way for bicycles or pedestrians.
  • Keep clear of bus stops to avoid blocking access by bus drivers or transit users.
  • Keep clear of paratransit zones and parking stalls reserved for customers with disabilities. These locations will be marked with a wheelchair image.
  • Stay on the curb until your ride arrives.
  • Whenever possible, share the ride (and save money!). Uber and Lyft both have shared ride options you can select.