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Transportation Services


Carpooling is a flexible, cost-saving commute option. You can carpool all the time or occasionally as a supplement to the way you regularly commute.

The rates below include all applicable taxes and fees and are valid through June 30, 2019. For rates as of July 1, 2019, please see this fee schedule. 


Permit type Rate
Carpool permitsU-PASS available for up to 3 members of the carpool. $450.00 quarterly, $1800.00 yearly

Faculty and staff who commit to carpooling at least three days a week can obtain a quarterly or annual carpool permit. Students may participate in an organized carpool provided at least one member of the carpool group is an active faculty or staff member. The cost is split equally among participants. Included in the price is a free U-PASS for up to three faculty or staff members of the carpool.

Carpool permits are assigned to a specific lot and are usable seven days a week. They must be purchased in person at the Transportation Services office. A valid vehicle registration is required.

Permit type Rate
Impromptu carpoolIntended for U-PASS holders who occasionally carpool. The daily cost is $7.50 for a vehicle containing two U-PASS holders, or $5 for three or more U-PASS holders. All participants in the carpool must have a valid U-PASS. $7.50 daily

Do you prefer to take things day by day?

Daily, or “impromptu” carpooling is a flexible way to manage your commute. The U-PASS Daily Carpool Parking Permit makes it easy for UW faculty, staff and students to share a lift to campus on a daily basis and get all the benefits of carpooling. Purchase a daily carpool parking permit at any gatehouse on the UW Seattle campus.

Interested, but not sure where to start?

Check out our Riders Wanted page to see existing UW carpools who are seeking new participants. Or look for colleagues to share a ride by printing a “riders wanted” sign and post it in your office break room.