The UW maintains public electric vehicle charging stations in several locations on campus. Please follow the rules below to avoid a citation:

Public charging is available only in stalls with a “2 Hour Limit / EV Charging Only” sign. No parking permit is required while charging, but vehicles must be moved after two hours (or if no longer charging). If you then move to a general parking space in a UW lot, you must purchase a parking permit during normal business hours. Stalls without this sign are NOT available for free public charging, even if they are near or next to marked stalls.

Several electrical vehicle charging stations are marked for UCAR or UW vehicle use only. These stations are not available for public use at any time.

Vehicles with access to gated garages or parking lots may use electric vehicle stalls located there, but only for up to two hours at a time. Regular parking charges apply inside all gated garages or parking lots.


View a full screen version of the Electric vehicle charging station map.