The UW’s new parking system is launching in mid-December. Learn more about the changes.

The parking changes originally planned for Spring Quarter 2020 have been rescheduled for December 2020. Learn more about the changes planned for department products.

Hosting a visitor or guest to your department? Do you have an employee or affiliate who regularly needs to park in different locations? Here are the options available to pay for their parking:

For visitors:

*Orders for new validation coupons and short-term parking permits are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously purchased ones can still be used until their expiration date and sales of these products will resume at a later date.

**Department Commuter Tickets (DCTs) are being discontinued as of December 2020. Existing tickets will be valid through December 31, 2021.

For employees or frequent guests:

  • Request a parking card for department affiliates. Visitors present the card at a gatehouse to receive a daily parking permit or swipe it for gate arm access if appropriate.
  • Order a department out of area permit***. When combined with any valid daytime parking permit, this enables department employees to park in various campus lots for up to three hours while conducting University business.

***Department out of areas are being discontinued as of December 2020. Use the new Multi-lot permit instead.

Order departmental products

Permit type Rate
Validation couponsMust be ordered with a UW budget number. Varies based on use. Department also pays per-coupon fee.
Validation printing fee $0.25 each
Short-term permitMust be ordered with a UW budget number. $8.75 daily
Night short-term permitMust be ordered with a UW budget number. $2.92 daily
Parking cardMust be requested in advance from the Sales & Administration office. Once issued, the card must be presented at a gatehouse to receive a permit, or used as a swipe access card at a gated lot or garage. Must be ordered with a UW budget number. $18.00 daily
Reserved spaceMust be ordered with a UW budget number. $350.00 monthly, $4200.00 yearly
Department out-of-area permitMust be used with another permit. Department may transfer it between individuals. Must be ordered with a UW budget number. $280.00 yearly
Rush ordering $10.00 or 10%, whichever is greater

Products must be ordered with a valid UW budget number. Expect at least five business days for processing, with additional waits at the start and end of each quarter. A rush order fee can be paid for faster processing. If your department has more immediate parking needs, please consider arranged parking.