Huskies bike to campus from all over Seattle and beyond. Here is a collection of some of the most popular and major routes from nearby neighborhoods, links to local cycling clubs and information about classes.


The ASUW Bike Shop offers a variety of bicycle maintenance and repair classes. Cascade Bicycle Club and REI also offer bike classes.

Where to get your bike fixed

The ASUW Bike Shop offers a range of bike repair services and there are a variety of off-campus bike shops in the region.  

For quick fixes, take advantage of the bike repair stations located around campus. Each station has an air pump and other tools such as tire irons and screwdrivers that bicyclists can use for quick repairs. These stations are located near Gates Law School, HUB, IMA, UW Medical Center (off Pacific St.), inside the UW Tower parking garage, Spokane Lane (behind Kane Hall) and Okanogan Lane (west of Bagley). If you notice that the repair station is missing tools or requires maintenance, please email to report the issue.

campus map with bike repair stations marked

Click the image for a larger version of the UW bike repair stations map.

Riding groups and cycling organizations

There are a number of organizations that support cyclists in the region.

Off-campus organizations:
Biking in Washington (WSDOT)
Cascade Bicycle Club
Washington Bikes (formerly Bicycle Alliance of Washington)
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
SDOT Bicycle Program


Not sure where to start? We’ve grouped popular routes below by zip code and neighborhood, and included some other bike map resources you might find helpful. If you need an immediate option and the routes below aren’t helpful, try out these tools for planning your own route.

  • Google Maps provides bicycle directions. Enter your start and end points and let Google do the rest. Please note that some directions are still in beta.
  • Strava allows you to build a route based on multiple factors, such as popularity of use or elevation change. You can then use the app to track your cycling trips and share your rides with friends.

Bike maps

City of Seattle
King County Regional Trails
City of Bellevue
City of Redmond
Washington State Department of Transportation

Please note: The following route information is for planning purposes only. There are inherent risks in all forms of travel and you should always follow your judgment when it comes to safety. You are solely responsible for obeying all rules, signs, laws and risks associated with your commute choice.