The University of Washington is committed to ensuring access and inclusion for all. Disability parking spaces are available in all public lots. Vehicles parked in disability parking spaces on the UW campus must display an official disability placard or plate AND must also purchase a valid UW parking permit.

Accessible parking on the UW campus is not free. A UW parking permit is required for all vehicles parking on campus from Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to  9 p.m., and Saturdays from 7 a.m. until noon. Permits are issued for a specific parking lot and are valid in any disability stall or other available general stall in that lot. Visitors using the PayByPhone app can also enter the Universal Disability location number (123207) to park in disability spaces in any public UW lot.

Parking in a UW lot without a parking permit, or in a disabled space without an official placard or plate, may lead to a citation.

Information for visitors

  • You must display a state-issued disability placard or plate on your vehicle at all times.
  • You must pay for parking either by using one of the self-serve options or by stopping at the South or Central gatehouse. Please note that gatehouses do not accept cash and have limited hours. 
  • If you are using the PayByPhone app, you can enter either the specific lot location number, or the Universal Disability location number (123207).
  • Disability parking spaces are available in all public lots, with the N22 lot near the Quad reserved for disability parking only. More information about parking rates and lot locations is available at the self-serve parking page.
  • Only pay for the length of time that you are parking in a specific lot. If you move to a new lot, you will need to pay for the duration you are parking in the new lot.

Information for faculty, staff and students

  • You must display a state-issued or a UW-issued disability placard or plate on your vehicle at all times. 
  • To obtain a UW-issued disability placard, please apply through the appropriate disability office. Please note that if you already have a state-issued placard or plate, you do not need to separately get a UW-issued one.
  • If you already have a student or employee parking permit, these are your options:
    • Park in the disability spaces in your assigned lot (displaying your official placard or plate).
    • Park at N22 or in disabled spaces at a self-serve parking lot. If you park in N22 or another self-serve lot, you need to purchase a separate permit for that lot as if you were a visitor (see above). This may be convenient if you only need to park for one or two hours.
    • Faculty and staff: Obtain an out-of-area permit online or at a gatehouse to park somewhere other than your assigned lot. Out-of-area permits are subject to capacity restrictions in available lots. Out-of-area permits for N22 are not available online, but may be available at a gatehouse.
    • Students: Please call Transportation Services at 206-221-3701 or email if you need your lot assignment changed.

Accessible parking at other UW locations

Parking procedures are different in the Triangle and Surgery Pavilion garages, which are managed by the UW Medical Center - Montlake. The hospital’s parking validation program is available to all UWMC patients and visitors, disabled or not. For more information about these garages, visit the UWMC website.  Please see the UW Bothell and UW Tacoma websites for information about accessible parking on those campuses.

For information about obtaining a state-issued disability placard or plate, please see the Washington State Department of Licensing website.

Other resources

Dial-A-Ride is a free shuttle service that operates between 125 designated stop locations on the Seattle campus for faculty, staff and students with either permanent or temporary mobility limitations.

Transit: Learn how you can use your U-PASS with regional paratransit services.

Access guide: Information on accessible entrances and facilities for buildings on the University of Washington Seattle campus.

Report a barrier to access: We want everyone to get where they need to go. Let us know if you can’t.

Accessibility at the UW: Information about access to UW programs, services, and activities.

Students & employees

Members of the UW community are eligible for long-term accessible parking permits but must apply through their respective offices:

Transportation Services will issue temporary permits for up to six weeks while long-term permits are processed. Please call 206-221-3701 or email

Football & other athletic events

To request accessible accommodations for football games, please call Intercollegiate Athletics Event Management at 206-543-2200 or email

For disability accommodations at other athletics events, please call 206-616-8710.