The best place to get picked up or dropped off is in a designated loading zone shown below. See the Rideshare page for more tips.

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UW light rail station

Please use the new dedicated passenger loading zone next to the E20 and E19 parking lots when picking up or dropping off passengers at the UW light rail station. No permit or fee is required to use the 11 marked stalls, but there is a 3-minute time limit.

map of uw link light rail station passenger loading zone

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How to find the loading zone

When you approach the E19 and E20 parking lots, you’ll see signs and cones directing vehicles toward the new pickup/dropoff zone on the north side of the Link light rail station. Do not stop on the road between the light rail station and Husky Stadium, as it is a fire lane. The paratransit section must be kept clear for passengers with disabilities.