Faculty and staff driving to campus may choose from a variety of parking products and payment options. Most of the permits listed below can be purchased in person at the Transportation Services office or online through the customer portal. If you have not used the portal before, please review the customer portal guide first. If purchasing in person, please upload your vehicle information to your account on the customer portal prior to your visit. You will also need your Husky card if eligible and/or your employee ID number.

Parking permits are assigned to specific lots or garages based on space availability at time of purchase. Space is limited on the Seattle campus, so your preferred parking area may not be available. Parking in a lot different from the one on your permit may result in a citation.

Most permits will be linked to your vehicle license plate so make sure this information is accurate. For products that have a physical permit, please make sure it is fully visible from the exterior of the vehicle with all the information easy to read. You may vertically hang your ticket or permit from your rearview mirror or display it on the driver’s side dashboard.

For short-term parking needs, see Visitor or Self-serve parking. For information on carpool and vanpool options, see Rideshare.

Popular parking options


Drive occasionally

Driving alone and parking 2 or fewer days per week.

Daily permit

  • $9.84/day, $3.28/night
  • Limited to 10 purchases at a time
  • Not available in all areas

Pay-per-use parking (PPUP)

  • $9.84/day
  • Billed every pay period
  • Not available in all areas

Drive frequently

Driving alone and parking 3 or more days per week.

Single occupancy vehicle (SOV)

  • $590.40/quarter or $2,361.60/year
  • Includes gratis U-PASS
  • Payroll deduction available if eligible

Value parking

  • $472.20/quarter
  • Available in E18 only
  • Payroll deduction available if eligible
  • Pay as you go option via PayByPhone for $7.85/day