The UW’s new parking system is launching in mid-December. Learn more about the changes.

Construction parking permits are arranged by UW project managers and must be requested at least one month in advance. Permits need to be renewed each quarter.

To minimize disruption, we have established the following guidelines with respect to contractor and construction parking:

  • University parking permits are required for all vehicles parking on campus.
  • Contractors shall limit construction parking to approved area(s) shown on drawings or indicated in contract documents.
  • Contractors shall advise construction workers not to park in neighboring residential areas.
  • Contractors shall limit the number of vehicle trips to the construction site by encouraging carpooling.

Construction permit form

Please call 206-616-8710 with any questions about a previously placed permit request.  For additional permit guidance, please contact program coordinator Edwin Campbell at

Citations may be issued for improper display of permits, expired permits or any other violation of UW parking rules.

Additional information for contractors:

  • Contractors will be charged a fee for laydown/staging areas inside campus parking lots or where designated parking spaces are impacted. The fee will also apply to behind-the-fence parking permits for use inside parking lot laydown/staging areas. Please contact for the current fee schedule.
  • Behind-the-fence permits are not intended for general contractor parking and are for use by site superintendents, project managers or supervisors, and for vehicles with equipment or supplies essential to the project.
  • If a contractor, subcontractor or supplier needs to make a delivery, the driver must stop at a campus gatehouse and obtain a commercial delivery permit.
  • Commercial delivery permits may be available for certain campus lots at no charge for a maximum time limit of 30 minutes.
  • The replacement fee for any lost or stolen permit is $55.00.