Hosting a visitor or guest to your department? Do you have an employee or affiliate who regularly needs to park in different locations? Here are the options available to pay for their parking:

For visitors:

For employees or frequent guests:

  • Request a parking card for department affiliates. Visitors present the card at a gatehouse to receive a daily parking permit or swipe it for gate arm access if appropriate.
  • Order a multi-lot permit. This enables department employees to park in various campus lots while conducting University business.
Permit type Rate
Pre-arranged visitor parking $20.25 daily
Coupon codes

Valid in self-serve parking lots. Not valid in Central Plaza Garage, Triangle Garage or Surgery Pavilion Garage.

$5.00 hourly, $20.30 daily,
$6.75 after 4 p.m. on weeknights or on Saturday until noon
Short-term permit

Must be ordered with a UW payment worktag.

$9.84 daily
Night short-term permit

Must be ordered with a UW payment worktag.

$3.28 daily
Parking card

Must be requested in advance from the Sales & Administration office. Once issued, the card must be presented at a gatehouse to receive a permit, or used as a swipe access card at a gated lot or garage. Must be ordered with a UW payment worktag.

$20.25 daily
Reserved space

Must be ordered with a UW payment worktag.

$393.60 monthly, $4,723.20 yearly

Requires approval. Cost may be paid for by an individual, a department or a combination of the two.

$2,834.40 yearly, $708.60 quarterly
Rush ordering $10.00 or 10%, whichever is greater

Many products must be ordered with a valid UW budget number.  Expect at least five business days for processing, with additional waits at the start and end of each quarter. A rush order fee can be paid for faster processing. 

Validation coupons for the South Campus Garage, CPG and Triangle Garages are no longer being sold. Previously purchased coupons may still be used until their expiration date. Information about validated parking for hospital patients and visitors can be found on the UW Medical Center website.