• Transportation Services - Director
    Anne Eskridge
    • Assistant Director
      Bill Bryant
      • Interim Commute Options & Planning Manager
        Braden Kelley
        • Transportation Planning Analyst
        • Transportation Data Analyst
          Abe Smith-Groening
        • TDM Program Development Specialist
          Will Feeney
        • Communications Specialist

          Jeremy Munroe

      • Special Projects
        Mariann Thompson

      • Interim Sales & Administration Manager
        Mariann Thompson

      • Parking Data Analyst
        Laura Denney

    • Associate Director
      Eric Johnson
      • Transportation Maintenance Manager
        Rick Libsack
      • Parking Operations Manager
        Nick Monica 
      • Fleet Services Manager
        Daniel Eden
      • Shuttles Manager
        Jon Massey
    • Assistant Director of Transportation Facilities and Projects
      Mark Hupert
    • Transportation Assistant Director (Finance)
      George Donegan
    • Organizational Development Specialist
      Amanda Larkin
    • Executive Assistant to the Director
      Lindsey Trust