Wednesday, September 21, 2022
From Monday, September 26 until Thursday, October 13, the road near E19 and E21 will be closed for crosswalk and road improvements. The three week closure will affect access to lot E21 and the Waterfront Activities Center (WAC). During this project, WAC can be accessed by vehicle by Walla Walla Road only.


Parking impacts:

E12, E19, E20 and E21 permit holders may continue to park in their designated lots but may need to consider alternative routes for entering and exiting.

  • E21 permit holders will need to take an alternate route to access the E21 lot. They can drive on NE Wahkiakum Road, north of the IMA, and then behind the IMA and stadium along Walla Walla Road to access the lot.
  • E12 permit holders exiting through the east gates will need to take the backside detour on Walla Walla Road.
  • E19 will have a reduced number of spaces available for parking.

Construction details:

Please note: Dates may be subject to change.

  • The first phase of the construction work (Sept. 26 through Oct. 7) involves constructing a raised crosswalk and curb cut at the southeast corner of Husky Stadium. All through traffic will be detoured north along Montlake Blvd. to Wahkiakum Road. Unobstructed access will be provided at all times to the athletic complex, Husky Stadium, and the Waterfront Activities Center.
  • The second phase (Oct. 10-14) involves constructing a series of five speed bump cushions along Walla Wall Road, from the Waterfront Activities Center to the Conibear Shellhouse. Walla Walla Road will remain open to through traffic for this portion of the project.