Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Map graphic showing levels of south campus garage and entrances

What's next

Image of the S03 west gate arm in lowered position, as viewed when entering garage

The S03 west gate arm in lowered position.

Currently, the gate arms on the bottom level of the South Campus Garage, S03, are raised. Starting Tuesday, January 16, both the east and west gate arms of S03 will be lowered and access to S03 will be limited primarily to vehicles with S03 PPUP permits.

South Campus Garage transition

The South Campus Garage, formerly known as S01, was divided into three parking areas on Nov. 1, 2023:

  • The top level, S01, remains available for visitor and accessible parking

  • The middle level, S02, is designated for parking permits such as Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) permits, Daily permits, reserved stalls and motorcycle parking. Accessible parking is also available.

  • The bottom level of the garage, S03, is gated for pay-per-use parking (PPUP) permits, with the gate arms lowering on January 16, 2024.
    Note: Motorcycle parking has been removed from S03. S05, a small lot next to the south gatehouse, has additional motorcycle parking.

If you are a current permit holder, please see what’s changing by permit type. Unsure about your permit type or location? Please log into the Customer Portal using your UW NetID.

These changes are a result of collaboration with the South Campus Transportation Committee. Adding PPUP permits to the South Campus Garage allows more people to park in the garage overall. PPUP has met great success across campus as it increased the number of customers able to park in each facility. 

Over time, the number of permits departments have available for employees based on real-time daily usage is expected to increase. This could mean as many as 600 additional permits based on the size of the lot and usage data. Additionally, this could alleviate the demand for parking in the Portage Bay Garage.

Please note:

Department approval will still be required for all permit types (except night permits) on the S02 and S03 garage levels.

  • If you are already approved for SOV or Daily Permits in S01/S02 and are interested in switching to PPUP, please reach out to your department’s parking coordinator. Our Sales & Administration team will work with you and your department on switching to S03 PPUP. 

  • Existing Eligible S01 SOV permit holders may receive email communication regarding how to save money by switching to PPUP.