Wednesday, June 17, 2020

This page will be updated as new information becomes available regarding impacts on public transit services and for U-PASS holders.

U-PASS Updates


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and in consultation with UW leadership, the Seattle Universal Student U-PASS Advisory Board has decided to waive the Universal Student U-PASS fee for the summer quarter on the Seattle campus. This is in response to public health directives on physical distancing and the move to online instruction for summer quarter.

The Universal Student U-PASS Fee will not appear on your tuition statement. 

With the fee waived, your U-PASS will be deactivated for summer quarter. Academic Student Employees will continue to have an active U-PASS under the terms of their collective bargaining agreement.

The Universal Student U-PASS program and fee is governed by the Universal Student U-PASS Advisory Board which is made up of student representatives appointed by ASUW and GPSS. If you have further questions or feedback, please reach out to the Advisory Board at

Faculty and staff

To cancel your U-PASS and stop payroll deductions, please email with the subject line: “Cancel employee U-PASS on MM/DD/YYYY” and include your name, employee ID number and a statement requesting cancellation of the U-PASS and payroll deductions.

Your U-PASS will remain active and you will remain financially responsible for payments until you receive confirmation via email. We will do our best to cancel your U-PASS on the preferred date, but please allow 2-4 business days for processing.

Note: Canceling your U-PASS or having an inactive U-PASS makes you ineligible for U-PASS related benefits. This includes the Emergency Ride Home program and subsidies for your vanpool. Please consider these factors when canceling your U-PASS.

Alternative Transit Pass Options

Temporary Pass and Optional Student U-PASS - If you would like to purchase a temporary or optional student U-PASS while the Transportation Services office remains closed, please email and one of our team will assist you with your options.

ORCA LIFT - If you are not eligible for a U-PASS at this time, your income level may qualify you for reduced transit rates through the ORCA LIFT program.

Recovery Fare on Sound Transit - Recognizing the financial toll that the sudden recession is taking on their riders, Sound Transit is implementing a special Recovery Fare for the month of June. Link rides will be $1 and Sound rides will be $2, regardless of distance travelled. Recovery Fares are available via the Transit GO Ticket App and at vending machines. Cannot be used for transfers.

Transit Fare Collection

Local transit agencies have announced the following plans to resume charging for bus, train and light rail service.

Effective Monday, June 1:

  • Sound Transit is resuming fare collection on Link light rail and Sounder trains.
  • Community Transit will begin collecting fares on Swift Blue and Swift Green buses. All other fares will remain suspended for the month of June.

Effective Sunday, June 14:

  • Pierce Transit will reinstate fares for all buses and SHUTTLE paratransit vehicles.

Effective Wednesday, July 1:

  • Sound Transit will resume fare collection on ST Express buses. A single flat rate of $3.25 for all full-fare Adult riders will be collected on ST Express buses, regardless of distance travelled.

Please see each transit agency’s website for the latest on their fare collection plans and safety protocols. You may also wish to sign for e-mail or text alerts:

UW-affected routes

Many routes have experienced service changes, cancellations or reduced capacity. These routes have been identified to be popular bus routes that serve the University District area and UW. Please click on each route to see how it may be impacted by COVID-19. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list and we encourage you to review other routes if they affect your commute to campus.

UW Shuttles impacts

For more information regarding shuttle service impacts, please visit the Shuttle riders information and updates webpage.