Thursday, September 30, 2021

The regional public transportation system is undergoing major changes this fall that will impact how you commute to campus and travel around the University District.  

  • Transit service changes: UW commuters should plan for changes to their transit commute that will occur shortly after the start of the academic year begins.  

  • Northgate Link opening: Oct. 2 marks the opening of the Northgate Link extension, which includes three stations at Northgate, Roosevelt and the U District.  

  • Construction impacts: The 43rd Ave and Montlake Bridge maintenance projects will result in continued detours and rerouting in the University District after the service changes in October. 

  • Vanpool program: If you are experiencing any commute disruptions associated with regional transit changes, consider participating in the vanpool program for direct service to the University and free parking.  


Questions or feedback?

If you have questions or comments on the upcoming service transit changes, please contact your local transit agency.