Transportation Services is transforming our parking operations with new technology that offers increased flexibility and reliability. These changes will simultaneously provide better options to purchase parking permits, while also utilizing the University’s parking infrastructure more efficiently. Customers will be able to buy and manage most parking products online. Most products will no longer require a paper permit and will instead be tied to a license plate. Several existing products are also being modified.

Most current customers do not need to take any action until it is time to renew their permits. Customers who currently use Individual Commuter Tickets (ICTs) will need to act sooner, as will department and event coordinators

Thank you for your patience as we update our parking system. Here are the key dates to know:

  • Thursday, Dec. 3: Last day to purchase new ICTs or return old ones for a refund.
  • Thursday, Dec. 10 - Monday, Dec. 14: Parking system transition. You will not be able to conduct transactions with the Transportation Services office during this period. Campus gatehouses and parking lots will be open.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 15: New parking system launches. You will be able to log in to the new customer portal starting on this day.

For more information about the new customer portal, check out the user guide. For more information about how specific products are changing, please see the links below.  If you are interested in learning more about the project as a whole, please visit the parking modernization page.

If you have questions about your specific product after reading these details, please contact Transportation Services by filling out this form.

What’s changing and how will it affect me?

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Department products

Event parking

Arranged parking

Event organizers can arrange to pay for parking for their visitors and bill an invoice or a UW budget number.

  • Arranged parking permits reserve space in a specific lot on a specific day. They must be paid for in advance and are not refundable.
  • Arranged reserved stalls in a specific lot are available for an additional fee. Reserved signage and a cone to block the space will be set up either the night before or morning of the event.
  • Please use the Arranged Parking form to schedule parking for your event.

What’s changing:

  • Visitors with arranged parking will still need to stop at a gatehouse and provide the Unique Identifier (UID) provided by the department or organizer, but in many cases they will no longer receive a paper permit. Instead, the gatehouse will just enter their license plate information into the parking system.
  • Arranged parking in Central Plaza Garage and S01 will continue to use paper permits issued at the gatehouse.
  • Arranged reserved stall parkers will need to stop at a gatehouse to have their license plate information entered into the parking system.

General changes

If you have questions about your specific product after reading these details, please contact Transportation Services by filling out this form.