Transportation Services is transforming our parking operations with new technology that offers increased flexibility and reliability. These changes will simultaneously provide better options to purchase parking permits, while also utilizing the University’s parking infrastructure more efficiently. Customers will be able to buy and manage most parking products online. Most products will no longer require a paper permit and will instead be tied to a license plate. Several existing products are also being modified.

Most current customers do not need to take any action until it is time to renew their permits. Customers who currently use Individual Commuter Tickets (ICTs) will need to act sooner, as will department and event coordinators

Thank you for your patience as we update our parking system. Here are the key dates to know:

  • Thursday, Dec. 3: Last day to purchase new ICTs or return old ones for a refund.
  • Thursday, Dec. 10 - Monday, Dec. 14: Parking system transition. You will not be able to conduct transactions with the Transportation Services office during this period. Campus gatehouses and parking lots will be open.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 15: New parking system launches. You will be able to log in to the new customer portal starting on this day.

For more information about the new customer portal, check out the user guide. For more information about how specific products are changing, please see the links below.  If you are interested in learning more about the project as a whole, please visit the parking modernization page.

If you have questions about your specific product after reading these details, please contact Transportation Services by filling out this form.

What’s changing and how will it affect me?

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Options for ICT users

Individual Commuter Tickets (ICTs) are being retired with the new system. Existing ICTs will be valid for parking through Friday, December 31, 2021.

If you wish to return your most recent batch of ICTs and receive a refund, you will need to do so by Thursday, December 3, 2020. The last day to order new ICTs will also be Thursday, December 3, 2020. Office operations are impacted as a result of COVID-19 and visits are by appointment only. Review our current operating hours and protocols for office visits.

There are a variety of flexible parking options to choose from to replace ICTs. All parking is based on availability at the time of purchase, and waiting lists will continue to exist for certain locations and products. All rates are as of FY21.

  • Switch to one of the Pay-per-use (PPUP) lots located around campus. PPUP gives you access to one specific lot. You pay only when you park and are billed every pay period for the days you use. PPUP access must initially be set up through the Transportation Services office and you must be payroll-deduction eligible.

    Cost: $8.75/day
    Locations: Portage Bay Garage, E12, N29, W08, W44, W45

  • Use the new Daily permits. These give you access to dozens of lots across campus, subject to availability on any given day. You select the day and lot you want to park in, and can purchase Daily permits online anytime from the same day you park, to up to two weeks in advance. Daily permits are not eligible for payroll deduction.

    Cost: $8.75/day, $2.92/night
    Locations: Central Plaza Garage (C01, C05, C06), Padelford Garage (N16, N18), Roosevelt Commons (W52), 4545 Garage (N27), C10, C12, C15, E02, E03, E06, E08, E16, E19, E21, N02, N09, N12, N13, N22 (disability parking only), N24, N25, N26, W10, W12, W29, W35, W40, W41.

    • Additional restrictions apply to some lots. Please see the “Where to park” section on the Daily permits page for more information.

    • If you currently have approval from your department to purchase ICTs in a controlled lot, such as N05 or a South Campus lot, you will be able to purchase Daily permits for those lots as well.

  • Self-serve parking lots are aimed at visitors but are also available to faculty and staff. Parking can be purchased by the hour or by the day in most locations. Self-serve parking is not eligible for payroll deduction.
    Cost: $4/hour or $18/day in most locations. E01 and E18 are $7.00/day. Self-serve lots near the Light rail station do not have a daily rate.
    Locations:  C02, C03, C04, E01, E03, E04, E07, E08 (self-serve for disability parking only), E17, E18, E19, E20, E21, E97, N01, N06, N20, N21, N22 (disability parking only), N25, S01, W10, W12, W27, W35, W41, W46
  • If you need to park every day for a limited period of time, a short-term or longer single occupancy vehicle (SOV) permit may be a better choice. Annual SOVs are eligible for payroll deduction.

For concerns about accessibility, please see the Disability Services Office web page on disabled parking for employees.

Unsure which product would work best for you? We are here to help you through this change! In addition to this website, you can reach Transportation Services via email at Our staff is available to assist you with your questions and can help you find a product that best suits your parking needs.

What to do with your existing ICTS

You may continue to use your existing ICTs to park at the UW through December 31, 2021. Please display them in your vehicle as you currently do now. 

We encourage you to keep a handful of ICTs if you anticipate needing to use them between now and December 31, 2021. If you wish to return your unused ICTs and receive a refund, you must do so by Thursday, December 3, 2020. There are a couple ways to return your unused ICTs for a refund:

  • Make an appointment to visit the Transportation Services office to return the ICTs. Office operations are impacted as a result of COVID-19 and visits are by appointment only. Review our current operating hours and protocols for office visits.
  • Send your unused ICTs via campus mail. Include your full name, employee ID number, email address and total number of ICTs you are returning on top of the stack of ICTs. It is important to provide an accurate total for the number of ICTs being returned so that we can confirm the accurate amount that will be refunded to you. The campus mail address to send your ICTs to is “Transportation Services, Box 355360”.

Please note, as per current policy, Transportation Services can only process refunds for the most recent batch of ICTs purchased.

Why ICTs are being retired

ICTs have been offered to faculty and staff for more than 20 years. Although popular, the product itself became very problematic to manage in our existing parking system. While the intent is that people use them to park no more than twice per week, that is only an average. Some people go months without using them, then park every day for two weeks, while other people do indeed only use them a few times per week. Because paper ICTs cannot be tracked, there is no way of knowing how many ICT holders are parking on any given day, or where. Some parkers were also frustrated with being unable to find space in their designated ICT lot. In addition, fraudulent use has been an issue with paper permits.

Given the popularity of the ICT product, we tried to find a way to incorporate the functionality of the ICT in the new online offerings, but found it was not possible. While we are unable to sell new ICTs once we move to the new software, we wanted to give everyone time to make the transition, so existing ICTs will be valid for parking through December 31, 2021. To learn more about how and why these decisions were made, please see our parking modernization page.

General changes

If you have questions about your specific product after reading these details, please contact Transportation Services by filling out this form.