Transportation Services is transforming our parking operations with new technology that offers increased flexibility and reliability. These changes will simultaneously provide better options to purchase parking permits, while also utilizing the University’s parking infrastructure more efficiently. Customers will be able to buy and manage most parking products online. Most products will no longer require a paper permit and will instead be tied to a license plate. Several existing products are also being modified.

Most current customers do not need to take any action until it is time to renew their permits. Customers who currently use Individual Commuter Tickets (ICTs) will need to act sooner, as will department and event coordinators

Thank you for your patience as we update our parking system. Here are the key dates to know:

  • Thursday, Dec. 3: Last day to purchase new ICTs or return old ones for a refund.
  • Thursday, Dec. 10 - Monday, Dec. 14: Parking system transition. You will not be able to conduct transactions with the Transportation Services office during this period. Campus gatehouses and parking lots will be open.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 15: New parking system launches. You will be able to log in to the new customer portal starting on this day.

For more information about the new customer portal, check out the user guide. For more information about how specific products are changing, please see the links below.  If you are interested in learning more about the project as a whole, please visit the parking modernization page.

If you have questions about your specific product after reading these details, please contact Transportation Services by filling out this form.

What’s changing and how will it affect me?

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General visitor information

Visiting the University for the first time? You will need to stop at one of our campus gatehouses to purchase a permit before parking. Our parking specialists are happy to help if you have any questions.

If you are familiar with the campus, you may want to use one of our self-serve parking options that allow you to pay at a machine or with the PayByPhone app.

Parking permits are required Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to  9 p.m., and Saturdays from 7 a.m. until noon.

  • Be aware that event rates may affect parking cost and availability.
  • Gatehouse staff and pay machines accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • A state or UW-issued disability placard is required to use disability stalls in addition to a valid parking permit.
  • Parking fees are non-refundable.
  • Please see our visitor parking page for more information.

What’s changing:

  • Visitors who are coming to campus as part of an arranged event may now be given permits linked to their license plates, instead of having to display a paper permit.
  • Because most faculty, staff and students will park using license plate-linked permits, visitors may notice more cars parked on campus that do not have visibly displayed parking permits.
UW retirees

Complimentary parking is available to fully retired UW retirees and their spouses at the UW Seattle campus. Retirees may obtain a daily parking permit either online or at a gatehouse.

  • On the day you want to visit campus, you can sign into the online customer portal, select the primary lot you want to park in, and add your license plate information. You may then drive onto campus and skip the gatehouse.
  • If you’d rather not go online, you can still stop at any campus gatehouse and present your UW Retiree Husky Card. Gatehouse staff will be happy to assist you.
  • Permits are only available for the current day.
  • Retirees who have a state or UW-issued disability placard or plate are welcome to park in disability parking spaces. The disability placard or plate must be displayed. Please see the accessible parking page for more information.
  • The following lots are available for retiree parking, based on space availability at the time of reservation:
    • Central Plaza Garage (C01-C06)
    • E02, E03, E08, E18, E19, E21
    • N01, N05, N18, N20, N21, N24, N25, N27, N28
    • S01, S05, S08
    • W10, W12, W35, W46
  • Please review the UW retirees parking page for more information about eligibility for this benefit.

What’s changing:

  • UW retirees will now have the option to obtain a permit online as well as at a gatehouse.
  • While access to multiple lots continues, retirees will be asked to indicate a primary lot they plan to park in via the online customer portal.
  • You will not need to display a paper permit. Your license plate will act as your permit.
  • In order to park in a disability parking space, you must display a state or UW-issued disability placard or plate.

A vendor or supplier with a term or service maintenance contract with the University may apply for a Service permit valid for up to a one-year period.

What’s changing:

  • The Service (S) designator is being replaced. The new Service permit will have the same functionality but will be sold as one permit instead of the current combination of a permit and a S designator.
  • You do not have to replace your S designator until your current one has expired.
  • Service permits will no longer be available for purchase at the gatehouse and must be purchased in person at the Transportation Services office. Office operations have been impacted by COVID-19 and visits are by appointment only. Review our current operating hours and protocols for office visits.

General changes

If you have questions about your specific product after reading these details, please contact Transportation Services by filling out this form.